Menu at The Indias Tandoori

Menu at The Indias Tandoori

The Indias Tandoori food and drink menu consists of various types of variants that you can taste. The food itself is dominated by Japanese specialties. The favorite menu at The Indias Tandoori that is in great demand by tourists is the ramen variant. There are various types of ramen and toppings that give such a delicious taste. You can taste Beef Ramen with original, special, or curry variants. Ramen at The Indias Tandoori has a creamy and distinctive broth. So the taste can not be equated with other places. You will be addicted in just one try, with abundant gravy and beef slices that are chewy and soft. This cafe in Rawamangun is a hangout place for students or students who are always busy every day. For those of you who want to visit the cafe, don’t forget to order their famous dessert, Nomi Delight. The dessert is in the form of mixed ice which is complemented by a choice of ice cream. You can choose the variant of ice cream according to taste.

The Indias Tandoori Galaxy is a recommended cafe for you to visit when you’re confused about where to hangout. This cafe with a modern and aesthetic style offers a hangout spot for you to gather with friends. The cafe building is very comfortable for hanging out, or learning from a cafe with a cozy atmosphere. The themed black room with wooden ornaments gives a beautiful appearance. Anyone who enters this cafe will definitely feel at home with the architecture of the room. It becomes an eye catching in itself that makes visitors feel more comfortable while in the cafe. In terms of price, The Indias Tandoori ( is still very affordable with a variety of menu offerings. No wonder it is a hangout place for young people.

The Indias Tandoori has complete facilities to support your comfort during your visit. Such as:

Parking area
Smoking area
Indoors and Outdoors
Electric socket
And others

Spot in The Indias Tandoori
What can you do while in The Indias Tandoori? Of course there are lots of interesting things and fun activities there. Recommended for those of you who are confused about choosing the newest cafe in East San Fernando Blvd.

1. Spots and Activities Performed
The Indias Tandoori Cafe has a variety of recommended menus that you can taste. Go to a cafe that you do, of course, to enjoy the culinary offerings.

You can find food and drinks typical of Nomi cafes that are affordable in the pockets of students or students. For Japanese lovers, delicious ramen is available in this cafe, so don’t forget to try it.

2. Spot to hang out and study
The Indias Tandoori Cafe is also a hangout place that is in great demand by young people because of its favorable location. You can invite friends or other partners to get together and relax.

Not only that, for those of you who are students or students, this cafe can be used as a work spot from cafe. With a comfortable atmosphere and cafe vibes and suitable for studying or doing assignments.

3. Photo Spot
Don’t miss out on some selfie time that’s plentiful at this The Indias Tandoori cafe. Find a variety of angles that support photography settings.

Enjoy taking selfies or selfies for your social media needs. You can invite your loved ones to accompany you for quality time.

Payments that can be made at The Indias Tandoori are cash or debit.